How emotions marry material description in this is very lovely. This feels like a sunset and a sunrise at once.


I came here for love but handle me with kids’ gloves. Scared, worried and anxious. What does life hold beyond this dark tunnel? Is the light reprieve or just another opening to a darker reality? If I could I’d leave it all behind but I am convinced there is comfort somewhere I cannot see. Tucked between the cracked walls holding up the refuge I call home. Somewhere unmatched logs are stacked together to keep light away but always a stray sun ray shines through. The broken glass reflects color that bleeds onto the walls splattered with the dried blood of hopelessness.

A place where the waters whisper giddily down the stream. My feet rest on grounds sacred. There are voices shouting endless possibilities, “healing, recovery, friendship, no more loneliness!” They beckon, they call out, they drop loud hints like the billboards selling liquor on every highway. I cannot pretend, they…

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Simple, sweet and relatable. Just like life.

In a Sip

I honestly thought with July drawing to an end, this cold weather will go easy on us. Clearly I was wrong. As wrong as all my expectations on adulting ( that is definetly a story for another day) . So here I am, at my grandmother’s dining room, manspread infront of a two legged jiko ( God forbid you suggest to get her new one that does not tilt and put us all in danger of getting burnt. She is a hoarder) trying to get warm. As for my non- kenyans, a jiko is a stove made of clay in the most simplest terms.

Maybe it is the coziness and warmth that got me to forget about the doubts and fears of starting my blog. Either way, three cheers. This has been an attempt from January, you know those goals we suddenly want to smash simply because we crossed one…

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My tee story


“Always remember this Violet; there is power in being in the right place and at the right time” this is one of the very many nuggets of wisdom my incredible HR shared with me during a lengthy phone conversation.

Hello, there amazing person! I hope life is being kind to you. Are you still counting your little miracles? I know I am. Of late, I have become a huge fan of t-shirts. I find them comfortable and funny thing; most of them have a message written on them because I get most of them from attending events. Today, I will share the story of one of the t-shirts and how it reminds me of my ducks.

On one evening in May 2019, after a very tiresome day of delivering row beef sausages in different areas of Nairobi, I got home at around 4 pm, warmed food and sat on my…

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