And when they see each other
some for the first the first time,
there’s some warmth
that holds them gently
You do not have to speak
or listen, or Shiriki
But the love
Oh the simple love
of kind strangers
and beautiful friends
embraces you like a lover
And for a few elusive hours
in this blind world
they see each other
free with each other

This is what life
should be about

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
Shiriki is a growing community of people who believe in the importance of cultivating meaningful interactions that are informative, open and participatory and most importantly, connective. In Shiriki, we curate and share experiences that challenge our personal and communal perceptions, ideas and ideals. In Shiriki, everyone is welcome and is free but not compelled to participate.
Currently, Shiriki is based in Kenya and is a program of the Taifa Teule Network. I’d tell you more about this amazing community but experience will do better justice. Follow Shiriki on IG and get updates on the next gathering.
And if you are too far, I hope you are in one or will find such communities.


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