Once is Never Enough; A Facilitator’s Experience

What would you say is the best part of it all?

The people,
Even when it is just a group of two

Or one,


And the growth
To see someone open up
Like a flower

Like a flower
More laughter

It’s the community for me

I look forward to meeting these people
You people

Despite the sacrifice

pensive silence

And the struggle
Sometimes there’s just no one to share this experience with

Despite the sacrifice

Don’t forget capitalism
If I had a dime for every day I have spent teaching, facilitating


It is difficult to sometimes borrow
Just so that we can make the sessions happen

Yeah, it is difficult
Some times

Most times
But we do it

Over and over again

Over and over again
Why do you do this?

I think I am addicted, lol
You know, to the rush of doing impactful projects

And the fulfillment or satisfaction of giving

Yeah, and it is not much
but it is honest work


I think
Once the big picture of what we do clicked in me
I wanted to be part of this

Yes. I agree
I think everyone should have this


Everyone Everyone
To come together

Friends and strangers alike

To acknowledge and accept each other
For the diversity we have

To participate together
In one cause for our community

Our country

Something about coming together
Not just for our own selves
But for our community too
Something about it feels whole, right


I think this is how I play my part
My purpose in the universe

It is a good way to live

With good people

And good times

Ver good times


So see you in the next Cohort?

Of course


light laughter

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note.

This poem is written for and with the facilitators of the Taifa Teule Leadership Experience. Now on the 13th Cohort, TLX has phenomenal young people doing ten sessions of a program that gives and frees. One time, I had someone ask, ”What does Ranja give this people that they are so dedicated?” Unless someone out there is getting paid the answer is a simple ‘NO’. Facilitating this experience is more than volunteering. I would tell you but maybe you can have a chance of experiencing it all by yourself.

TLX is just an example of collective and individual efforts toward social development. I honestly don’t know if there is anything more divine than people, normal people, giving their time and energy for other people.
In your own ways, I wish you this beautiful experience and more wherever you are.

Thank you for your readership and see you next time.

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