My Sauti Sol All-Time Album

  1. Intro (Midnight Train) – Sauti Sol
  2. Short n Sweet – Sauti Sol, Nyashinski
  3. Kuliko Jana – Sauti Sol, RedFourth Chorus
  4. Rewind – Sauti Sol, Kaligraph Jones
  5. Lazizi – Sauti Sol
  6. Melanin – Sauti Sol
  7. Coming Home – Sauti Sol
  8. Kiss Me – Sauti Sol
  9. Tujiangalie – Sauti Sol, Nyashinsiki
  10. Insecure – Sauti Sol
  11. African Star – Sauti Sol, Burna Boy
  12. Feel My Love – Sauti Sol
  13. Brighter Days – Sauti Sol, Soweto Gospel Choir

Author’s Note
This playlist has been made with love. Love for music. Love for artists like Sauti Sol who make such good you feel honored to be a listener. Love for a cause that my friend Abuka is running; 1 bob Menstrual Affair to champion Menstrual Hygiene in Kenya.
For having participated either by donating to the cause or sharing the playlist and the cause we are grateful and thankful.

For mor information on the 1Bob Menstrual Affair campaign you can reach me at .

Thank you and see you next time.

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