Sharing pain is solving half the problem. That’s what my shrink said.
But just like every coin in life, this too has two sides,

With great pain comes great sympathy.

The looks on the ones that care enough to listen,
Their bleeding hearts giving previews from their eyes,
The glaring stares that make you feel like you have been stripped naked because you chose courage and listened to your shrink,
That moment you realize your load only got lighter because someone else is bearing it too now.
They aren’t even aware of what they are doing and all you can do is love them for it.
Trying to hold you together best they can, stepping in at every opportunity to make sure you do not fall apart.
Always alert.
Your own personal bomb squad, there to make sure you do not detonate.

Ooh, darling…I already exploded.
These are just the debris of what was once whole
The wreckage of my existence
Haven’t you noticed? My spark left a long time ago. It was lost in the blast together with my smile.
See, this is just a face I wear not to scare the kids away

Ooh, darling…you can put away the armor now, no one can get hurt here,
Especially not you

Don’t worry about me, I don’t think there IS anything left to get hurt


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