I cried the other day
In front of friends and strangers.
A few teardrops
they flowed warm and full
Uncalled for too somehow.
They flowed free
They flowed slow and full
I was beyond happiness

I was in a small space
Like four in a bench of three
Like kitchens in house parties
Like road trips and rented places
Sometimes back to back
And at times across from you

In this short distance
Between us
we get to be honest
At least we try
Like first impressions.
We enjoy the moment
At least we try
Our vulnerable perfections.

There’s some warmth here
Some form of acceptance
Of self and of other selves
We see each other
Closer, deeper
And the energy is unadulterated
Like this uplifting laughter
Like a stranger’s friend’s smile.

If I cry again
Let it be in small spaces
Where you can find me
Because in between us
Is this little world
And that is enough.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

6 thoughts on “SMALL BIG SPACES”

  1. Well cleansed and spaced place, no hustle you can easily be traced because everyone has interest hence no haste.

    No other place but in the small space👌👌

    Well curated piece with tons of actionable snippets!

    Liked by 1 person

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