BEING – the nature or essence of a person.

I think
All we want is to find ourselves
Whatever that means.
In clouds of smoke
Or Holy spaces
At the bottom of bottles
Or in love

I think
All we want is to be seen.
In front of a camera,
At the center of the room,
By the person we like,
For the people we are,
Something simple.

I think
These things we do
Are in pursuit of something
more, greater, different
That makes us feel complete
Or some type of way.

I think
The point is to ‘not stop’
Whatever that means.
Keep growing, evolving
Living and becoming.

Because we are human
Human B-E-I-N-G-S
And that is everything.


Author’s note
Hi there, if you are reading this then it means you are alive and kicking. And that is most important. This poem was composed in the wander or understanding that everything we do is simply in pursuit of something that will make us feel more than what we can see and touch. However wrong or right our ways might be it is all an experience.
My great friend Wafula sent me a very enthusiastic WhatsApp voice note where he excitedly speaks about life and the essential power it has. He says;

‘My friend,
We live,
We live
We make life what life is
And life is a channel to growth
And to love
And to togetherness
Life is a channel to
self-development, self discovery.

Life is beautiful
Life is a beautiful cause to take part in.’

Thank you for your readership. We wish you an amazing time. Until next time.

3 thoughts on “BEING – the nature or essence of a person.”

  1. Exist in the list for you are not least

    Resist the notion that you are not in the mix.

    Be the most , give the most for you are not lost.

    Strive even if it calls to survive,the only recruitment requirement is to be alive, by and by we will thrive.

    B.E.I.N.G what a piece! Full of peace to be be the best version of who we are meant to be👌👌

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