5 Simple steps to building a great team within a short period of time.

Show me something, anything great that has come to be without a team and I will show you something impossible. We create teams as fast as we draft plans — and we plan a lot. Finding yourself in a new team every now and then may feel disorienting and tasking. Sometimes even dragging. But only if you do not know of the following formula to creating an efficient team ASAP.

Bring everyone together. Let these random (or not) people see each other as individuals and now as one team. Getting acquainted with each other can be done through sharing of profiles and understanding how all you lucky humans ‘mysteriously’ found each other. The point is, everyone should understand ‘who we are and where we are.’

Clearly define the purpose for which the team is assembled. Before moving to the complex dynamics, discuss with the team the reason behind its formation. What is the mission? Besides collective reasons, also share your personal ‘Ws’ — Why are you here too? What do you want to do? Because we are a team, we all need to be standing on the same foundation.

Outline the goals and objectives of the team. Working from the given purpose, this step should be done with full acknowledgement or knowing of all team members. Seeing the same end goal ensures that we work harmoniously even without knowing it. In addition, make certain that these goals and objectives are documented and shared to every team member.

Agree on a basic team culture that you can begin with. How will your team work? A good place to start is getting a regular meeting time and place. Among other things to consider are ‘house rules’, a communication formula, a work ethic standard and any other process or practice that the team approves will facilitate smooth functioning.

Draft a plan, assign roles and get to work. Simply getting here is already an indication that your team is working together. Build up on this momentum. Like three and four, the plan and list of responsibilities should be shared to everyone for better group consciousness. While doing this, remember to be mindful of any declared weaknesses and strengths. More importantly, it is helpful to understand each team member’s schedule and ‘busy-ness’ so that activities can be flexibly and correctly assigned.

Being part of a team can be an exciting and wonderful learning experience but only if we are open to and provide structures that allow for such. The only way to get the best team is to be the best team player your group can have. It is ALL about what we intentionally do to make the team work.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati
Trainer, Facilitator and Teams Coordinator

Author’s note:
This is written with the facilitators of TLX in mind and every other team that would like a better and simple working formula. As the thirteenth TLX cohort commences, Shared Cosmos wishes you a successful run and all the joy and fulfillment that comes with facilitating with a team.
To you who leads or belongs to a team, all the best in making a dream team.
Thank you for your readership. Until next time.

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