The Perfect Call; Recruitment II

Isn’t it interesting how making calls is avoided like a virus for most of us despite the amount of time we spend on our phones. Phone calls are dreaded even more when the person you are calling is a stranger and you have to sell an idea, opportunity or ask them of something. Part of the anxiety can be attributed to the fear of getting a negative response and some can be explained by the inadequacy of experience and knowledge of how to do various types of phone calls. A follow up to the first blogpost on recruitment, the following format offers a simple structure for calls that are purposed to invite, recruit or sell an opportunity, especially when dealing with an anonymous contact list.

Ring Ring… “Hello, my name is Misiati. Am I speaking to …”
Introduce yourself and confirm that you are speaking to the correct person. Be simple and warm. After identifying yourself, including the organization, company or whichever entity you are reaching out for, politely request for some time to continue with the call. Keep the duration short enough for a successful conversation. A gold star for you if the call lasts not more than three minutes with satisfactory results.

Establish some relation and state the purpose of your call.
Explain to your newly acquainted friend how you came about their contact. Be specific where possible in order to get some closeness. Often, we get contacts from friends, sign up forms, WhatsApp groups among others. This helps the person on the other end of the line create a mental map of connection that hopefully gets them barbecued up for the hotter parts of the call.

Deliver your message or invitation simply and directly.
Not much can be understood from a phone call, so keep it basic to ensure your contact understands the essentials. Having already answered ‘who’ and ‘why’ above, be precise in explaining ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’. In order to get this part right, ensure that you already have the message crafted and adequately understood for fluency.

There are two things to ask for. The first is for your contact to request for clarifications and questions with regards to your communication. Second, ask for a clear answer where the person has to join a program or say yes to an invite and the likes. The biggest loss to never asking for a YES or No is not asking at all. Know where the invitee stands by the time you hang up.

Finish with a word of gratitude for the time you have been accorded by a stranger and for a good call. Throw in ‘have a nice time’ or something equivalent for good vibes and energy. Throughout the call remember to be courteous and polite. Listen attentively and respond appropriately at all times.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s Note
The phone number and name you are postponing to dial is just someone else waiting for some good news from you. Being prepared, systematic and concise increases the chances of positive feedback and the likelihood of it being a good experience altogether. I wish you well in your invitations.
Check out Three things you can do to ensure your recruitment goes smoothly if you haven’t.

Thank You for your readership and have wonderful time. Until next time.

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