Three tips of becoming good ‘Fishers of men and women’- Recruitment

It is that time of the year when people are signing up for programs, trainings and everything else that involves some ideology and short or long term activity. If you are an organizer, facilitator, coordinator or event planner this means work and some level of ‘simping’ if you haven’t learnt of the following three simple tips.
PS: It has come to my attention that we could learn a lot about recruitment from Jesus and the Disciples, at least in relation. I mean, look at how far Christianity and Christians have come.

Get your message. And get it right.
What? Why? Who? When and where? Satisfactorily answer these questions when crafting your message. Ensure that it is written intentionally. It should be official but warm and friendly because it is important to get a good reception while at the same time offer a stamp of ‘we shall take you seriously here’.
Understand that you are offering an opportunity and frame the message as such. Because what you are sharing is beneficial and vital (and also because you will put in hours and hard work for them) assist your invitee to see the chance and the decision to make.
Remember to get a confirmed response. A yes or a no. If a maybe or ‘I’ll think about it’ comes up press for a timeline for when a definitive answer shall be given.

Get a team. Organize the team.

Jesus had His disciples. What about you? An effective team is key for various reasons, among them being point 3 below. But first things first. Communicate the goal and objectives of the recruitment you are doing. It is prudent to confirm that everyone understands — for uniformity and personal agency.
Agree on a plan and implement it uniformly and tactfully. For example, divide the number of contacts into batches and have someone responsible for each. This can be followed up by periodic updating of the recruitment list responses as you reshape your plan accordingly.
For clarity and consistency, all communication is best done like a choir — many voices but the same song.

The more the merrier and ‘low numbers’ is a harsh reality.

When casting a net you cast as wide as possible because the reason is obvious. The same applies for fishing men and women. Of the contacts you have a minority will readily accept your invitation. Couple this up with a few who fall off the wagon before the journey ends and the need for reaching out to more people emerges.

Go forth and spread the gospel. Please remember to custom your recruitment to the needs of your target group or environment. Most importantly, spread your gospel with pride and openness. It is your magnificent truth.
By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
This has been written with the volunteers of Taifa Teule, The millennial Environmentalists and Maisha Yangu Organization (all based in Kenya) in mind. Shared Cosmos wishes you a successful start of the year

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