Letter 001: Getting Away

3rd January 2022 : 7:30 AM

Hi, Hello.
Naturally, I am a very ‘greetings-person’. I would say hi to you at the same party on the same day as if I hadn’t done so an hour ago. Haha. Anyway. I thought we could start there, some place comfortable.
I have wanted to do this news latter since last year. Hitherto, I am still unsure of what format this relationship (I hope I am not moving too fast) can take. I would like to write with you. Often.

5th January 2022 4:45 AM
I have been going on a trip to Namanga (from Nairobi) since the year started. More like I have been thinking and planning of hitting the road – just as I have been writing this since late last year. Isn’t it uncanny how the first step takes too long no matter how clear in our heads and hearts our conviction is? I experience it as a blur of different emotions, entwined and exclusive all at once.

Back to the trip. The fundamental truth is, often when exhausted, in thought or just after a while I have always been enticed by the concept of driving away, albeit for a short period of time. When someone asks me where and why I am going there are only two sure things. My first stop, in Kitengela for tonight and the general direction which so far maps towards Isinya then eventually Namanga with nothing casted to stone. I would like to go wherever the road leads. Just for a while. Have you ever felt the same or something similar?

5th January 2022 5:45 AM

It is quite difficult to say what I want from going nowhere you know. Part of the purpose is to get away from the overwhelming need (we’ll save anxiety for some other time) to be central to everything close to us. To lay my heart out, I hope for a few things that I am scared to say out loud. I hope to find some more rest before everything else rushes back (duties, freedoms, habits and everything in between). I hope to find some clarity on a few existential issues… you know the times (it is time again). I hope for a good trip.  There’s a few more but we’ll have to become closer friends first. Maye next time.

In conclusion, wherever you are and in whichever routine or norm, I wish you some ‘getting away’ literally or figuratively. And I hope it helps you feel lighter. I will share the road experience in the next newsletter or through blogposts. If you have any questions do share at the comment section or send me a direct message or email.
I actually feel happier having written to you.

I would like to share this song – Catch and Release by Matt Simons for the music listeners.
And a poem Phase One – by Dilruba Ahmed. I highly recommend the audio. I recommend this poem particularly because it is a new year.
I wish you a lovely start to 2022.

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