A Community and some little much ‘Extra’

I think we have something beautiful going on here.

Something beautiful and great.

lt is interesting how different we all are
yet there is belonging here

for struggling, undefined and successful human beings
everyone and anyone.

How enchanting it is
that we go back to play pilot, student, mother… finding ourselves
and still meet again laughing and loving like we live in the same house.

I have never spent time away since I came here

and it isn’t that there are no rainy days in this experience,
half the time it’s compromise, sacrifice and a lot of patience
with a constant splash of character development.
(after brief silence) Yet it always feels endearing… enchanting.

and the friendships!
aah… the relationships here are divine

the ones we have already made

and the ones to come.

and the ones to come.

There is a high to coming together like this
and I think we are already hooked


every time is like the first

Na tuko wengi (and we many)

Yeah… even with many of us kept away

by capitalism, lack of funds and other curves of life

we find a way coming together.
Someone show me any other purposeful and intentional community




[more laughter]

I think everyone should have this experience
at least once in a lifetime

In some way or form.

[light exhale]
I am grateful I came

Me too

Me too.
[homely silence]

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
This blog post springs to life from the context of having a community that is in a way heavenly. The experience shared is that of the Taifa Teule Leadership Experience (TLX). Even more particularly, this is about the family of facilitators that give their everything to ensure TLX is as enjoyable as it is impactful. Somewhere in between being actors of social impact and getting to know each other a community lives and thrives. We could explain but still fall short of the goodness and love shared here.
Hearty congratulations for everyone who graduated in the recently concluded TLX Cohort 12. Special commendation and appreciation to every facilitator. You are important. Very important to this community.

Shared cosmos wishes you an experience even greater than this, through TLX or just in your existing communities. We come alive in shared love and goodness. Try it.

Click here if you would like to know more about TLX.
Click here to read about another TLX experience.

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