Here are stories that go somewhere

When was the last time you smiled ?
Who did you want to be when you were a child?
I have not called my father in a while
You are really close with your mother…
How are you feeling right now?
Are you happy?
Tell me some of your wishes
Do you imagine in color or emotion?
I don’t believe in a god
How do you love?
What do you really want right now?
Would you say you are a good person?
I don’t speak too much sometimes

We can only have enough time together
Never too much or too little
Let us share in our becoming.


Author’s note.
Somehow the image insisted on publishing twice. Double portion for you. Hahaha.
I think part of being alive is in the understanding and innate connections we make when spending time together. Every so often it is humane to understand what we are made of — the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It is a lively experience. Because at the end of it all our time together shall come to an end. We might as well share these stories that take us somewhere.
As the festive season kicks in and more gathering is done Shared Cosmos wishes you wonderful times of abundant love and happiness. The type of joy that makes you wonder if there’s any moment that can surpass how you are feeling then.

Until next time. Thank you for your sharing in the cosmos.

And if you are new here or just curious check out the last Icebreaker.

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