3 Hacks for better living that you already know

Now that you are here kindly take some time ( and your mind too) off other things and write with me. This will be short. We promise, don’t we? Alright.

3 Life hacks that improve our human being existence.

Live in the moment. Right here, right now. Live in awareness. For instance, what is the temperature of your hands right now? How are you feeling inside? Who and what surrounds you? Experience the present moment and the next will be universally taken care of.
Take a deep breath. And another. Feel your heartbeat. Seriously. Feel your heart beat. I will wait.
Be alive in every single beat.

If it can be done right now, just do it. If both you and I live to our 76th birthdays (Hahaha. maybe that is why they call it ‘life expectancy’ but we know we have bad habits… like sugar and not hydrating) we’ll have existed through an average of 4000 weeks. If you are around my age then we have less than 3800 left. If you are older… oops! We do not have as much time as we regrettably assume. What do you want to do? For real though, what have you been wanting to do? You might as well do it because your weeks are counting down.

Lastly, be grateful. Come what may, always remember to be grateful. Gratitude opens us to the universe and the universe to us. Be grateful every now and then and feel the warmth of where you are, be grateful everyday and feel the completeness of being in oneness with who you are and where you are. I don’t know what happens when you are grateful all the time… I’m still trying the daily package. There is much to be grateful for. There is everything to be grateful for. I am grateful for you, and for this moment in which we perhaps understand each other.
Say it with me, “I am grateful.” One more time, “I am grateful.”

A bonus – Be happy and make others happy as well. Happiness is not a reward of life for good deeds or luck or whatever. Happiness exists in life and life is everywhere. Happiness is inside of you too. Just open up to it. Shared happiness makes us joyful. Joy makes life ethereal.

Feel released back to your day a wiser human being. I hope the weeks won’t pass you by. And definitely not the seconds.


Author’s note
Hi there, October was a holiday of sorts. It is wonderful to be communing with you again. I hope that you are have been well and look forward to our time here in the Cosmos.

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