I Love You but we need to do more

We can do fun things together
Like feasting and dancing
And buying bottles and cakes

But we can do greater things together
Like painting schools
And planting trees

We can deeply care for one another
In reciprocated pleasantries
Like dates and parties

But we can love generously and better
In caring beyond ourselves
Like sunshine and Jesus

We really look good with each other
And we can do impossibly beautiful things too

In between me and you
Is a wonderful world
For others too

It is time
For us to take what we share to the next level
Just come with me.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
When we gather with the sole purpose of experiencing just what is between us (people who share affection) amazing feelings are born. We laugh, we eat, we catch up, we speak of our troubles and of our fortunes. And all of this is good.
When we gather with the intention of doing something that does not directly benefit us more life is created and allowed to flourish. We open ourselves and others to the possibility of anything and everything good. It is simply divine.
Coming together with friends and family for a cause larger than ourselves unlocks a happier and more fulfilling existence. You do not have to take my words for it, just try and experience some holiness.

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5 thoughts on “I Love You but we need to do more”

  1. A REPLY

    In this thing called love, certainty we cannot have.
    But as long as along with it we grow,
    Perhaps, Just maybe,
    For longer we will row.
    So, for as long as I love you,
    We will certainly do more.


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