TEACHER! TEACHER! Three simple reasons why you are a good one.

Often, we go about life wondering what our purpose in life is. I posit that part of this quest is in understanding that all human beings, by virtue of their mere existence are teachers. Here’s why.

1. Life is a big lesson and we are all learners.

If you are reading this, then it simply follows that you have thrived in your environment well enough to exist in the highest form of being that the moment allows. Right from birth, our lives are riddled with experiences that keep us in the school of life consciously or otherwise. Out of our struggles and good times, successes and failures, action and inaction are insights so unique and valuable that only you posses. That you are alive and well is proof enough that you have been a good student of life. How about you share some notes with the rest of us?

2. Good learners make good teachers. The reverse is true too.

Congratulations for making it this far in… life, school, work, passion or anything you have been engaging in. Your life, as it is in the moment, qualifies your good ‘studentship’ to ‘good teacher’. That your cup is somewhat full (half empty, almost empty, half full etc) is reason enough to share with others. Show, tell, explain without fear or doubt of self particularly because you became the best student the experiences could craft. Revel in teaching freely and get better with more learning that is found herein. Teaching is not a matter solely about pouring out of ones cup. More satisfyingly, it is an experience that allows our cup to constantly flow with renewed insights, divine ideas, profound emotions and deep connections.

3. Someone is already waiting for your guidance.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Buddhist proverb.
We are all surrounded by people prepared enough to be receive insights, skills, different perceptions and everything in between. From people who have seen lesser mornings to those that grew wisdom teeth before you, the opportunities for teaching are practically endless and boundless. Furthermore, doesn’t our successful existence spring from encountering a helper that held our hand or lit our path? Therefore, at the very least, all of us owe it to life and to others, to be teachers. Someone somewhere is waiting for your lesson.

In the cosmos we believe that the purpose of life is to exist in such a way that influences more life and the subduing of it. The simplest way to do this is by teaching. In action, in words, in whichever form of expression, our greatest task lies in enlightening one another for a better life. Who are you teaching? or what do you teach?

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

This has been written based on the experience of facilitation and with Taifa Teule Leadership Experience facilitators in mind. The Cosmos wishes all TLX teachers [facilitators] a good run with Cohort 12. May we continue being good students and good teachers.

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5 thoughts on “TEACHER! TEACHER! Three simple reasons why you are a good one.”

  1. Your styling in pegging pints home is arguably unmatched!

    Call it diction! You chew with ease for nutrients because it’s palatable!

    Life never stop teaching, so never stop learning, I’am out Peace ✌️

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