What is Life Without Dreams and Strong Beliefs?

[Light sigh]
“Wow… I haven’t really thought through my response because, mahn, I wanted to be so many things. And it is just interesting and funny. Like when I was nine I wanted to be a soldier. Imagine that. I wanted to be a soldier. [chuckle] I wanted to be a model. I wanted to be a pediatrician. I wanted to be a civil engineer at some point. I have had so many dreams. I think we have all had so many dreams. So yeah, I wanted to be all those things but I guess when it comes down to it, I just want to make positive impact in the world. Really, that’s it. And I think that should be the goal for everyone -in our own little way. I am inspired by my friends and so many others who I can see progressing towards that daily.”

“This one has made me think. And I love this question. What I believe is that we can achieve world peace. There is totally no proof of that. I have not seen a period in time where a certain country or a certain group was not fighting against another group. Yeah, there are so many pieces of conflict in the world right now and I believe a major one is the limited resources that we have. You know, things like that. Amongst other things obviously but mostly we are all competing for space, for limited resources, limited opportunities and things like that. But I do believe if we all came from a point where we understand each other and we understand that we are competing for the same things. That we… basically, we are not going anywhere – none of us is going anywhere. We are all here trying to live on this planet. and we try to get some sort of understanding of each other. That we could survive together in a harmonious community and there would be peace.”

“Even saying that out loud to myself feels like [eeerrrrr] “Do you really believe this? Could this be achieved?” But, I mean, it would be such a fantastic world. So no proof but I believe we could achieve world peace. Just my belief.”
“Heh! si nimeemphasize (Damn! I have emphasized).”

Author’s note.

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4 thoughts on “What is Life Without Dreams and Strong Beliefs?”

  1. I wanted to be a deejay after my high school studies so bad that it had a negative impact on my academic performance.sometimes what we want is not always whats best for us but guess what,life is for the living

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  2. I was a kid with many interests. From an early age, I was into poetry and wrote songs that kept me company while I embarked on my other hobbies.

    The idea of being a surgeon crossed my mind a few times. I operated on rodents and reptiles frequently, always curious as of what caused their death. I remember keeping these cadavers in jars and perfume boxes, ever wishing I could get my hands on preservatives. Being a 6-year old child, let’s just say, I was creepy.

    I worked on machines too. My father had a Matatu (14-seater Nissan). He often challenged me to make parts move by finding which circuits to close. Hehe, we both knew he was trying to get me off his back. I was a handfull, and a hard one to shake off. One uneventful evening, as I sipped my strong tea(black tea), trying to figure out how to make a fan propel(this is how I knew biting batteries works😂, story for another day though), I saw an avocado seed on the kitchen counter. I excitedly took a ‘break from work’ and ran to the garden. With a stick, a seed and black tea, I planted and watered my first seed solo. The year was 2004.

    10 years later, in high school, I wanted to be a mechatronics engineer. My reasoning was, I just didn’t want to deal with people. I never fit in. Little did I know I would end up dealing with people. I was, however, deeply interested in economics, the thought of helping many people better their lives motivated me towards pursuing financial education beyond my class, and my social class.

    In University I took up Mathematics and Computer Science. I couldn’t tell why at the time. All I knew was, ‘I love solving problems using Mathematics and I cannot survive life in university except if I am working with machines’ (did I mention I was a textbook anti social person?).

    As I write this, I am seated beneath the avocado tree. The shade and fruits are to die for…
    I pursued my dreams at the very end of it, just in unexpected ways. I rehabilitate Mother Earth.
    This way, I help lower the mortality rate of animals and directly (through fruit trees) and indirectly (through micro-climate restoration), provide food for my fellow man-kind. I also ventured into business; I still get to improve the economy in my own little way… However, how I ended up here is a whole other story.


  3. I wanted to be a doctor straight from my earliest memories when talking to my dad( I was probably 3 or 4). At around age 9-10 I wanted to be a model(lol).
    And then in highschool I wanted to be a lawyer but I didn’t have a “why “. And still to this day an not specifically sure of what I want to go for when done with Uni since my major is wide and it’s up to me to choose which sub field I want to venture in. But am less clueless than I was back in the day.

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