44 Chapatis & Many Emotions

It’s the great food and good vibes

best nights of my life
when can we do this again already?

and the time was too short

I like the allowance of a wholesome existence

You thrive in being you

and people accepting you for who you are
without question

now we feel like a family.

I came for the conversations and love

we get to explore ourselves
to revel in our thoughts

now we bottle up the good vibes
and carry them with us wherever we go.

Edited by Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note

“Moments become meaningful when you realize the same moment will not happen twice.” Chelsy Justine

The sentiments above are from friends with whom we shared some time together just recently.
We came to the realization that life feels best when we experience it with friends, family and strangers new friends. It is almost as if we are set free to thrive in the moment. To make known our expression without need of critical and appropriate dressing. Without worry. We live and we love.

The rarity of such times might make us believe that life cannot be experienced on this plane more frequently if not completely. The key, I think, lies in the personal and collective intention to share in our humanity. The rest shall be taken care of by will and time. And so let us be bold in desiring good times with people around us. Our life is our action.

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Namaste and have a lovely week ahead.

2 thoughts on “44 Chapatis & Many Emotions”

  1. Friends make ends meet even without meat.

    It’s a treat that gives us more life without threats like in streets where we go weeks without caring about each other, this make us weak.

    The joy of all of us with tons of greets without anything strict 💞💕

    Lemmy say ,even you frenemy , you are in this you and me💛

    What a piece that leaves us appeased with peace🤩🤩


  2. Ah!!💥💥 this just reminded me that I have a staycation with my girls this weekend and after reading this, I honestly can’t wait!!

    And I agree, moments become meaningful when you realise they cannot happen twice!!

    Good read as always Misiati


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