What do you do on Thursdays?

What is your name?
What does it mean?
Participate? Contribute?
A community?
Who do you speak with?
Anyone? Everyone?
And what do you want to achieve from all of this?
The realization of a community?
How do you measure understanding?
How do you evaluate collective understanding?
Do you ask people if what they say is the ultimate truth?
Do you trust the experiences you share?
How do you tell what is fact and what is not?
What is the worth of individual opinion?
Why would we care what we believe in, alone or in groups?
Who do you speak with?
Do you think you connect?
Don’t you think it matters?
Why do you think we want to connect?
And what do you do with extreme characters — “unacceptable” comments?
So you’re not moralists?
What do ethics matter in this modern day?
Creating what new understanding?
Awakening what existing community?
How am I a part of this?
Why should I care?
Is this really a part of me?

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s Note
These questions are of a gathering experience that is brought to life by a growing community of diverse beautiful people in Kenya. Shiriki, a gathering done once a month (usually on a Thursday evening), has grown from a program of the taifateulenetwork to a warm and welcoming community of people in quest for expression and collective understanding. In Shiriki everyone is a teacher and a student. Everyone is a listener and perhaps one to share too. I would tell tell you more but you will only have more questions.

Shiriki welcomes you for a Mental Health Anonymous,#NOFACE #NONAME Shiriki. Kindly register here and find further instructions for the session. Also find out more about this comunity on instagram @shiriki254 and on Facebook at Shiriki Shiriki.

Gratitude for your readership and see you soon.

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