Role models and unchanging pasts

” Two things, my choice of career. Sometimes I wish I didn’t do Law. I think I love what I am doing right now, don’t get me wrong but sometimes I think I would have thrived somewhere else. Math related. I have always excelled in math, anything math. Not to brag. In high school my friends used to chocha (gas me up) me a lot. That I can be a good Lawyer. My History teacher and my dad too. He, my dad, started calling me Lawyer mapema (early) jokingly. I really thought that they are seeing things in me that I am not seeing in myself. Though I am happy I am here… I graduated, niko (I’m at) Kenya School of Law, I am progressing but… [deep sigh] I always wonder, if I ever did math, something related to math, would I be happier? Coz sometimes … [sigh] I feel drained. [another sigh] But either way God wanted me to be here so tunangang’ana.[we keep going]

“The other thing I regret isss [brief pause], sometimes, dating. I guess it’s the heartbreak. I guess everyone sometimes has those moments but … There are times you feel like you have lost a lot of years in one year. Sometimes I do feel like that. I feel like dating kinda made me lose a lot in as much as it helped me understand a lot. Sometimes I do regret it. But not so much. I mean, sometimes you just have to go through the pain to emerge stronger.”

” The people who I admire change as I grow. But the constant ones are my parents. I am a first born and I didn’t really understand adulting until campus. And you know when I turned eighteen it’s like my parents… Like wakanifungulia mlango (they opened the door for me). Like this is how life is. This is what we go through. These are the things that we shielded you from. And I got to see how much they struggled or they achieved. You know, behind the scenes. Coz I always thought life was perfect. I really admire them and want to adopt the work ethic my dad has and the heart my mom has. So … yeah.”

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2 thoughts on “Role models and unchanging pasts”

  1. Life choices and there implications , a nice way of having a tight grip of who we are and where we’ve come from.Life lessons.

    Those that matters in our lives,those we secretly or publicly admire are real shapers of who we are becoming .

    I like the styling embraced in this piece.

    On my way for my cards😊


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