It is Time. I Think You are Ready. 8/10

This is it my friends. The wonderful culmination of our time together. We hear you. Sincerely. Executing a project in the prevailing conditions is a tall order. “Impractical, impossible’, some of you have said. We understand. A pandemic that has made gatherings almost impossible, economic affairs that have our community too financially stressed to be further stressed with posters that eat either their pockets or conscience where the pockets have nothing extra to give. Somewhere on this long list is the anxiety of approaching and chatting up strangers, the tedium of working with people whose first names you can’t recall seven sessions later. This final lap is taking a lot from you and we are grateful for your determination to make the project a success.

Here’s the pep talk, which we feel is actually the sauce of it all. We have been together for approximately 30 cumulative hours only. You have been a team for only four to six sessions, even less if we really count. But look at how much knowledge, friendship, skills, love (2 shorros for the couples birthed in this season) and so much more that we have shared. When we track the transformation you have individually and collectively experienced and shared, some of us are brought to tears. You have been remarkable. We have been a wonderful team. It goes without saying, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Now, the project.
All factors considered, understand that you are well prepared. The experience thus far has forged out of you a tool for action. Iron has sharpened iron. You can achieve more than you reckon. And we shall make merry because of it.

Most importantly, if when you deliver your project in these challenging times we shall have accomplished three extremely important things for our community and country. First is to prove that solutions to common problems can be implemented in the context of whichever difficult times. No matter the health, political, economic or social hardships, we can organize, mobilize and take action effectively and safely. Second, your success will provide all of us with a template for successful community action in a pandemic setting. The lessons drawn from this execution are as universal as they are eternal. Lastly, you will unlock a better version of yourself. An upgrade to someone with smart ideas, a strong will to work them out and everything liberating that is in between. So be free and enjoy the rest of the experience. You have already conquered.

This was supposed to be short. A pep talk. But now you know my feelings and I need to finish this up and go cry in my TLX t-shirt. All the best.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s Note

This is a warm success card note to all Taifa Teule Leadership Experience Cohorts about to do their projects. 19 projects in four counties delivered safely and successfully is nothing less than incredible. Gratitude to the executive team, facilitators, graduands-to-be and all of our helping friends (you included) who help, applaud and pray for us. This context aside, making impact or progress in anything we do often feels “impossible” at some point. But we always do just fine, even surpassing our expectations sometimes. We are able. Always.

Tupatane graduation for TLXers!

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