Sometimes we try, many times we fail. But we must always try.

[thoughtful silence]

The answer is still the same

We have talked about this so many times

We almost know the formula by heart now

I know man
But why is it so difficult?

A simple life is too slippery to sustain


Yes bro
And we fail

Butt up my friend
It feels bad, heavy.

[brief silence]

Every damn time


The point is to try
I guess

Until you are successful

[glancing at each other]


There it is bro
There we are

We try again
A better shot this time



I start on Monday



Sometimes we fall short of our expectation
There is always the possibility of slipping up in a routine, going back on a decision, always starting again– a healthier habit, a different lifestyle. Sometimes Many times it is as simple as accomplishing nothing in the To Do list written just this morning. And because the becoming of our truest and highest form of being is now measured in instant results the frequency of being unsuccessful is often overwhelming. Paralyzing. Depressing. Withholding.

Many times fear keeps us away. The person we know we can become is too perfect for our liking, too grand for our making, too refined for our soreness. How could we possibly grow into that fine skin? Where is the time to dedicate all that focus? How long would it take? Do we have enough determination? Is it even possible to master such discipline?

“The purpose of life is to achieve the highest expression of one’s being,” I believe.
To say at the end of it all, ” I lived in fullness and in truth of who I could become.”

Success ( attainment of the highest form of self expression ) is only experienced through trial without end.
And so we keep on trying. Over and over until the finality of our becoming.

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

8 thoughts on “Sometimes we try, many times we fail. But we must always try.”

  1. The biggest success in life is attaining the full dimensions of you! At room temperature and pressure.outside this,we are deformed and ill-informed and end up bila fom.Lets reform and do it alone.

    WHO ARE YOU? Is best answered by you.

    👏👏Bonge la jumbe mle ndani.You had right words for every right point you pegged.They came with a bewitching incisiveness.This is your forte, no doubt.Very provocative as it is informative.Viva!

    Liked by 2 people

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