I think you and I can make a difference


Just you and I
And all your six friends

And your 11 twitter followers
[more laughter]

And your two WhatsApp groups

In that case
Remember to add your girlfriend to the party

Your cousins should come too

So everyone?
That is what it takes?


All the best

Right now, I just need you come with me
You and I for some difference
Any difference



But there’s people
Like the carefree
Or capitalists
even fathers
How do we get them to support us?

[a smile]
When they see the difference
They shall join the cause
And FYI, fathers are already on board.

Yeah right
I will try

And that is all that matters
We are going to transform our community

And change the world
With your 106 Instagram followers

And your six YouTube subscribers


[more laughter]

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
Who is needed to make a difference?
It is you and I. But you have to intentionally walk with me. It is okay to respond to my campaign poster and tag along in my meetings. It is helpful to ask questions about my blood, mask, book or blood drive even if you might be too held up to participate. And tell a friend about a friend and their cause– be our connection to more help. Share to others about the difference we want to make. What is being done and what has been done so far. To anyone and to everyone. Be my our champion. I will do the same for you and yours.

In between you and I is a beautiful world of shared purpose, thrilling experiences and individual as well as collective content. Not to mention the profound connections we’ll establish beyond ourselves or the joyful glory of change witnessed due to your action– our action.

We want to be part of movements and groups counting thousands or millions. Perhaps because change seems most probable when almost everyone is part of it. (But Oops, ni sisi tuko). Seriously though, while this may be a practical thought, it is helpful to understand that all we (friends and family turned avoided activists, campaigners, community development fellas, etc.) need is you to hold our hands. You with your poor involvement and social anxiety or introversion. You with all your proclaimed busy-ness, unconventionality and all other ‘shortcomings’. We just need you as you are, where you are. You with all your untapped greatness and humble talents. Or some of it sometimes. As long as you are with us.

What difference do you make by walking this path with me (us)?
ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It is what matters. So do not be afraid. Don’t overthink it.
Besides, only joy and fulfillment awaits on this side. I promise. I dare you to try.


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