Make or Make – Week 5

What should we call what we do?

Without the help of offerings and tithes.
Do you think they believe in what we teach?

If they keep on coming every Saturday
I think yes

And what about the ones that miss?
The gatherings with four, one or none

They too believe
And for those that miss
Perhaps the time is not right for them,
Or they think as much

Sometimes it feels quite hopeless

And sometimes it feels like eternal greatness

I think the challenge is in trying again
And again and again
Until we are All in

I believe that we all believe
In doing good

In collective goodness
Coming together to do better

I have a better one
Living together

How about…

By Emmanuel Marumbu Misiati

Author’s note
Facilitation is a heavenly practice especially where your input elicits remarkable response, like a mind-blowing project at the end of a program. And on the bad days it may be gutting– harrowing to the core of your beliefs and ideals, like when the tiresome quest of getting others to give your insights a chance only to yield very few or none. In between these two are other dynamics that inspire or deflate your will.

Perhaps the idea of impacting change is not to get to everyone all at once but to keep on trying to get to anyone all the time.

This experience is drawn from TLX, the Taifa Teule Leadership Experience. Click here to know more.
Otherwise, Shared Cosmos sends shout outs to all TLXers and TLX facilitators. Keep up and keep on good people.

Gratitude for your time. Like, share, subscribe and comment for good vibes like the good human being you are.

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