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In a Sip

I honestly thought with July drawing to an end, this cold weather will go easy on us. Clearly I was wrong. As wrong as all my expectations on adulting ( that is definetly a story for another day) . So here I am, at my grandmother’s dining room, manspread infront of a two legged jiko ( God forbid you suggest to get her new one that does not tilt and put us all in danger of getting burnt. She is a hoarder) trying to get warm. As for my non- kenyans, a jiko is a stove made of clay in the most simplest terms.

Maybe it is the coziness and warmth that got me to forget about the doubts and fears of starting my blog. Either way, three cheers. This has been an attempt from January, you know those goals we suddenly want to smash simply because we crossed one…

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