Becoming good friends-3/10

This is who we are

We are talkers- the loud ones
enigmatic and hot with passion
Social and experimental– the impulsive humans
Energetic volunteers and absorbent creatives
We are disorganized and attractive– great struggling followers
We are warm hearted and pleasant, a lively party.

We are born leaders– the serious ones
Strong willed and visionary, cold and competent rivals
We are in charge and compulsively corrective
Charismatic and too hardworking– unsatisfied achieving bosses
You’ll say we are unfriendly, intolerant short wired domineers
But we simply trust ourselves and have little to zero tolerance for mediocrity
We are diligent skeptical realists
Systematic, independent and self-sufficient.

We are the calm ones- easy going and balanced
the best friends and unassuming listeners
We are shy and witty — the unchanging sympathizers
intimate, compromising and silent seekers
You’ll say we are selfish and dampen with enthusiasm
But we are warm, rational and inoffensive mediators
Keen administrators, ever-worried indecisive warriors
Trusting and charitable– passive aggressive judges
We are patient watchers– the relaxed observers.

We are the deep thinkers– hopeless feelers
Artistic, analytical fixers shadowed with guilt
We are problem solvers– purposeful self-reliant empathetics
You call us pessimistic manipulative perfectionists
When we are only meticulous realists– helpless in our dedication
We are deep lovers and overly conscious self-sacrificing visionaries
We are the intense expressionists, independent teachers
Neat changemakers, philosophical sentimentalists
We are existential preachers, ‘self-fixers’ — we see the big picture.

This is who we are.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s note
I always wondered what made week 3 of the Taifa Teule Leadership Experience so unique in its excitement. We have consistently concluded that the thrill of discussing each others’ personalities and the conflict or confirmations therein is the catch but perhaps there’s more.
I think the deliberation of the personalities we are opens up an environment of unconditional acceptance. The extreme, the beautiful, the awkward, the undesirable; everything goes, everyone grows. There energy is warm and welcoming, ripe with welcomed disagreement and experiential learning.
I think the beautiful magic lies in the collective will to understand each other better. To accept the people we have always been or we would like to be out loud. To accept the patience of observing more in order to understand more.

It is like looking at each other by looking inside ourselves (and outside) together and at the same time. I think week 3 is the best because it is simply a divine experience.

Credits: TLX training Manual Week 3

Find out more about the 4 personality types here

Photo by @stuffsekoshoots

Gratitude, see you soon.

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