Did you think things would go like this ?

Not really, I hoped so though.

This is more than I imagined

For sure we had planned to meet

And to eat

But not the premium banter

Or the laughter
It has been a while since I laughed this much

I feel scared
That maybe
I am experiencing this immense joy because I am about to die

I feel you
Like how this moment feels so good
My mind cannot think of any happiness beyond this

Do you think it is possible to have this daily?

It would slap bro
But people have bills to pay

Rising on the daily
We are occupied and worried by default

But today
Today is a good day

Yes bruv
It’s a good day

And Vinny is back from New York! For real!
Now is a good time for a round of shorros

What do we toast to ?

I think I found a true one
To Serendipity

To Serendipity

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s note.

Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. (Oxford Dictionary)

The piece above is based on actual events and experiences. There is much I would love to write about serendipity and the last time we experienced it but not enough justice can be served by words. All the same, perhaps I may have worked out a formula for Serendipity;

Serendipity = Collective Active love + Sincere intention

In all the serendipitous moments I have experienced there have always been friends (strangers included) and or family who care for one another deeply and selflessly. They act in love, for love and with love.

Likewise, in all serendipitous moments I can recall, there has always been a collective will to ensure everyone and everything is alright and as planned.
Everyone is led by an innate shared purpose.

Now you know the path to unexplainable mortal joy .
I wish you Serendipity in abundance.

1 thought on “SERENDIPITY”

  1. Joy will held as memories…Aah we enjoy the good days without restrain…the future will sort it self…These moments will be fuel for when life happens…


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