Week One

Now you know my name, if you still remember

And we have agreed to do this ten or nine times in a row

It scares me to be honest, I got commitment issues

But that is part of what we are working on, right?

And leading myself and others

And to build confidence and communication skills

All of this and more you promise, right?

Okay, Cool. So until next week a time like this.

Okay. Sawa. And you’ll be here with us every time, yes?

You vow to always try. Fair enough, I will try my best too

And we will also learn how to do a project

Oh… we will do our own project. Okay, Alright.

You want something from me?

Ohh… You expect something from me?

Okay, what?

To be free and to be open

To be a follower and a leader

To have the experience of a lifetime.

Wow, alright.

And I will make more friends than I can count?

… and be productive to my community

No? It is everywhere and anywhere I go,

I’ll be a bountiful resource.

Wow. Okay. Interesting. I see.

Cool, See you next time.

Alright. Bye

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s note

Beginnings are exciting and terrifying. Especially where strangers have agreed to dedicate their time and energy to each other and to the principles or ideologies that bring us together. I think this is the case when it comes to periodic or temporary programs or in the facilitation and participation of the same. It is as if the facilitators and participants sign a contract of trust upon meeting. So everyone hopes for the best and keeps on wondering what the coming weeks entail — the riveting curiosity and worrisome thoughts of what life dynamics could throw at you during the experience. The shouting question goes ” Will I see this through until the end”– for everyone involved.

All factors considered, it has occurred to me that two things set or shared at the beginning of a program or an experience sustain to the last step of the journey- Will and intention. For as long as we are willing to share the experience together nothing can stop us. Nothing. For us long as we are sincerely and consistently intentional to learn and to teach, every experience is the best of them all.

And so we wish all facilitators and participants or class members all the very best in any program you embark on. Warm regards and good vibrations to everyone sharing in the Taifa Teule Leadership Experience for Cohort 11.
See you next time.

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