“I found my people.”

Repeat. A little louder this time please.


The more this thought sits on my skin the more I get convinced that we found each other. And now we share the same experience every time yet transformational and exceptional every other time. We are onto something here my friend, something good and beautiful.

We sit in perfect circles as strangers at first. Like you and I for example. Fresh graduates (high school and higher learning alike) next to a highly opinionated young queen who slouches across a company secretary next to a young citizen of the world sitting beside a warm and calm mother next to… We are a charming cocktail of vibrancy, workaholics, freestylers, focused and wapenda sherehe, mellow, critical thinkers, risk takers, progressives, conservatives and other textures that you are.

Away from busy school and work schedules, life crises or the enjoyment of it we gather anywhere and everywhere that allows fellowship. Spot us in your neighborhood church hall or school compound if not a borrowed home space or rented meeting rooms in the CBD and Zoom calls. See us alive in the open spaces of arboretum or warm and cozy meet ups in your friend’s bedsitter. It is not a matter of IF we should gather but WHY.

We start as students who become teachers and over time graduate to masters. We speak about you, us and our country. We plant trees and clean streets. We paint classrooms and organize walks and fun days. We pour ourselves into drives of all kinds, masks, books, food—we are the solutions we need. No problem too challenging to work around or too insignificant to be ignored. We are unlocked and unlimited in our potential.

There is something unique about how and why we speak. Something of a harmonic chorus hitting the high and delicate notes of ‘I matter and I can do something’, and ‘we matter and we can do something’ in our country and for our country. A proclamation and illustration of our earnest love of our country.

We move, sing, dance, eat, think, cry, smile and walk together. Each one in acknowledgement and total acceptance of the other. All of us in faith of one creed – you YOU and I have the connection, affection and power to bring the change we desire and deserve. Ubuntu is alive in us just as we are alive in each other.

We are your friends, your family, your strangers, your Kenyans. We are YOU.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s comment.
This Experience is more than a program. It is has a life of its own complete with a society of benevolent Kenyans of all characters. The Experience is so profound that it leaves an aftertaste of content that itches to be shared with every person you interact with. The people, the culture, the faith, the love and everything shared in this community should be shared with you and many others. Come and be part of your community.

The Taifa Teule Leadership Experience Cohort 11 begins on 19th of this June. Click here to register.

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