A little while longer
Before I have to come back home
To the silence of the unwanted
Not for now at least

A little while longer
in this high beautiful place
Deeper into this goodness of being
Naked and harmoniously entwined

A little while longer
In this moment of liberal becoming
Free from selfish responsibility
Unrooted in my blossom

A little while longer
With you my love
And far from you my beloved
Unexplained understanding in between

A little while longer
In this merry making
With others and without self
Within and without

A little while longer
In this place of free joy
And love unsought.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s note;

23 is a part of us that longs to express the period in between shared and relished enjoyments that touch the core of our happiness and the daily norm that is perceived to be the ultimate reality. This type of joy that sets you free albeit for some short time. One that is in with one flow with you and everything outside of you. Like with loving family or very pleasurable friends or the calm and peace in solitude.

23 wonders if there is a possibility of making these fleeting joyful moments of sharing and expression with self or with others, in whichever form, a part of daily existence. In acknowledgment and in experience.

23 is hopeful that we learn to appreciate and even seek moments of doing more not for self primarily but for others and with others. That we treasure more these experiences that enable us to step out of the ropes of gathering more and into sharing with others. It hopes that this sharing is profound enough to sip into sincerest intentions, thoughts, talk and most importantly, actions.
It is our hope that this poem lives in you as it lives in our lives. Kindly enjoy. Liking and sharing is also permitted in this Shared Cosmos.

SharedCosmos would like to wish you a festive season of abundant goodness and love wherever you are. It is our hope that you have been well ad merry thus far. We will and pray for more happiness to come your way.
Sincere gratitude for being part of this Shared Cosmos till now. From post to post and sharing– we are very very grateful.
Gratitude for you new person coming into the Cosmos for the first time. Feel free to share in the happiness and love here. Feel free to share this cosmos with your friends too.
Until next time friends in the cosmos.

Shared Cosmos

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