The Experience

There was you
And there were happy days
Of light chatter and dancing days
Of shared laughter and singing days
Of requited kindness and thoughtful days
Of utilized potential and impact-full days
Of renewed understanding and long days
Of appreciated differences and close days
Of thrilling afterparties and parting days
Of declared affection and friendly days
Of profound connection and better days
Of forging change and being changed
With you.
Thank you.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s Note

Habari (hello) to you in the cosmos. It has been a while since we connected. In between our absence shared distance and the longing to write again it is my hope you have been dwelling in goodness and in love. Gratitude.
The Experience is a beautiful piece of goodness that compels to be put in the cosmos. It is inspired by an actual experience that entails good young people coming together with and for a shared purpose or vibrations. To teach and to learn. In the time together they reflect and project that which is beyond their individual self through opening up and understanding their unique existence. Words are inadequate to explain.
The Experience seeks to capture the warm omniscient fulfillment and affection that comes with being part of a people with whom you conceive and achieve some purpose.

In this acknowledgment, The Experience is for you.

You who sparked the flame and laid the path
You who called me and held my hand
You who heard me and walked in my step
You who sat next to me and gave a smile
You who worked before the meeting and in the meeting
You who applauds and prays for the cause
You who supports and wills to be part of the purpose

“When you come to one of the many moments in life where you must give an
account of yourself, provide a ledger of what you have been, and done, and meant to
the world…” Paul Kalanithi

Until next time mpendwa ( beloved )

A dedication to:

The Taifa Teule Network, Taifa Teule Leadership Experience and Shiriki
Andrew Ranja ( Sensei )
Alvin Rita, Susan Makori, Ed, Ken, Olive Mwende, Maxigu, Lee, Kamaa, Kevin, Bernice, Angela, Martha, James Mwangi, Cynthia Nkanai, Mark Mace, Shiri and all TLX facilitators.
Sibyl Khavere, Christine Akama, Faustin, Agushoma, Ester Mburu, Hamza, Anthony Chemase, Henry Njenga, Vivian Kimani, Mary Wanjiru, Isaa and all with whom knowledge and skills and so much more was shared.


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