In Time, With Time…

Perhaps it is right to accept the courtship of time and its eternally inevitable union with change. To acknowledge that time is part of our core existence and change is her innate nature. To participate not only in her happening but her creation of all that is experienced, by the second by the heartbeat.

I had always perceived time like a bullet train racing beside me. It’s imminent pace unmatched by abstract constructions of my slow ‘life automobile.’ This race with time is heavy on the heart and tiring to the mind. Its impairment to the physical self measures up to the terminally gripping dread of losing. Sometimes I saw time as a priceless commodity that I could work for and own, maybe share it with some ‘chosen few’. And when I have had no time I encouraged myself that I could ‘free it up’ or earn some more time. Yet, hitherto, I have never mastered the art of amassing ‘enough time’ for any particular occurrence. Time felt elusive and insufficient. It felt like an impeding adversary tasked with the perpetual reminder of the duties and responsibilities of life and the expected enjoyments to be relished when the ‘time comes’.  

I come alive to a more universal understanding now. A realization of time’s celestial nature and its native connection to our ‘passing days’. The relationship of being, of life, with time is one entwined in beautiful fellowship. Our presence is as wholly a part of time as it is time in its fullest nature. Time unfolds not despite of our reality but with our reality. It happens within us as it does without of us in equal measure and by a divine hand. It becomes more apparent that our mundane existence, by the breath, is the timeline and we are not at a sprinting event against time. It is the tool of and for harmony in and out of us for all of us.

We have a reflexive tendency to acknowledge that everything beautiful happens in its own ‘time’. When we are in the experience of such magnificence we smile and say “the time is right”. I sincerely believe that these moments are a creation by time in us, with us, through us and not solely due to time as an outlying universal phenomena.

Therefore, the same old and forever stated wisdom holds true; be dutiful to the present! Live as you breathe! In awareness and in action with fullness realness. That way we wouldn’t have to wait or ‘run out of time’ all our lives. How glorious life becomes when ‘our time’ and ‘time’ are in sync. How marvelous life is when it flows in time and in being.

Within Between In the union of time and being is unfathomable yet profound respect and everything inherently beautiful.

“For everything there is an appointed time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)  

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

Author’s note; Writing about time has been as interesting as it has been slippery. Any and all incoherencies considered, it is my hope that this shared understanding will be as refreshing as cold water with tasteless taste amid thirst. I will you goodness and love as you read.


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