Life Abstractions; Keys to an Alternative World

I am slowly making peace with a wonderful reality. An experience so profound in its delight. Too good is this side of life that we have to define such heavens as ‘magical’ or ‘frequent coincidences’ — this is easier to believe and lighter for understanding. I yearn to share this world with you. I long to share in this reality with you perhaps. In the rightfulness of this sharing lies overwhelming gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


Taking gratitude like a cup of coffee invites more goodness in life than one can choose to acknowledge. Wearing gratitude for daily sleeves invites more than what was never asked for. To be honestly thankful for what has been done or given is elusive often than not. It is easier to be appreciative of the world we take for ourselves than the one we have to embrace in or outside of us. Much easier is the allure of desire that always keeps us wishing and doing for more to come.
Gratitude is particularly interesting. Even though it is an appreciation of what is already, it opens up to a life of joyful happenings and happy ‘coincidences’. A giving where no asking was done or needed. And the more you appreciate the more it is given. I have never understood… It is easier to believe than to make sense of all of it.


It is quite difficult trying to write about mindfulness from an experiential point of view. Most times, regarding to it in aspiration comes simpler. Like saying, ‘when I am present I am able to see…’ than saying ‘I am present and I …’ It demands a continuous awareness of one’s existence in appreciation of all that is part of it.

Mindfulness, I have experienced, is the acknowledgment and creation of the present by oneself. In the present are all things boring but all things essential that very moment. Like a boiling kettle of water or the rhythm of our breaths. To be present is to be bailed out of the prison of a reality that worries as much or more than it celebrates the past and the future.
In pausing, and being comfortable in the stillness amidst everything offers relief and very much needed break from ‘control’. Rather, mindfulness allows for happenings to flow in their holiness. Just as it allows our lives to unfold in time with time. In the present there is no worry in what has to be given or to be taken, simply what is to be experienced. The experience is indeed sublime. As beautiful as it is one-off.


Before my becoming I always wondered why or how ‘individual’ lives flow like they did.  How is it that one would see and pursue their lives kama kawaida. In my becoming I have experienced life and have observed different textures of living regardless of which kawaida achieved or succumbed to. It is now sternly apparent that any actions, however banal, is bound to intention. Undoubtedly, intention is the initial energy we set into motion before anything we can lay our eyes or hands on is fashioned. Intention feels like insurance served by the universe and actions done with the universe.  
The motion of good intention always sums up to goodness. Just as that which is ill yields into everything not good. It is the universal law. And when it is all good, it is ALL GOOD.

Life is good and life is not good sometimes. It is what we say and what we choose to believe most of the time. Beyond the whims of what we chase and what we wish to run away from life ticks and tocks on end- unbridled. In this acceptance of lack of authorship to everything we regard as part of our lives is the entrance to our better reality. Where there is fullness that overflows from unrelenting gratitude. And a life vibrant with animation in the appreciation of the present.  Topping it all up with intention thrusts one into the world that is ‘too good to be true’.

It is marvelous to experience such unimaginable goodness once in a while. But life, our lives, do not come ‘every once in a while’. This world awaits to be sought inside of us only for the one outside to mutually open up in divine splendor.

I implore you to patiently try any or all of them consistently. Will it if you may. And when you feel like believing in all of it know you are not alone.

BELIEVING!! Ah… A bone to pick another day. I will and pray for gratitude, mindfulness and intention to be with you and yours.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

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