Flowers and Rainbows – A Connection

I have wanted to write about flowers and rainbows for about 31 days now. I have wanted to tell you about flowers and rainbows all this while. From the very first day the idea was conceived in my heart, however peculiar it rings. See, therein lies the answer to my sharing dilemma. There is no simple way to explain flowers and rainbows except for experiencing them. You have to behold. Yet here we are, on the seventh draft of an attempt. I try.

In these past months some friends (family and friends) and I have been engaging in intentional interactions. Everything ordinary but with sincere will and shared understanding. Nothing out of the norm; conversations, (On phone and in person, however it be) shared meals, music and anything else the vibe throws in. This is as far as close friends are concerned.

Ah! And then there are the friends I have we have made through distance and digital screens. Without a flicker of doubt, I have met more diverse people, young and old, in this short period of time than I have in previous years. Discussing common issues with newly made acquaintances from the comfort of wherever has yielded an effect so magical it gladdens my soul. We read and sing and talk (a lot) and dance too. Just as with my close friends, we share in intentional relations.

See, the uniqueness of all this lies in how we share in everything and anything. We talk about how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. About how we hurt or please each other. We give compliments (flowers as my bro Ranjozi prefers) and explain critique or indifference. We debate about what should be could be or can be. And we ask questions. Intellectual and funny alike, realistic and imaginative. We share at will and without expectation or fear of judgement. And even when we fall into self – righteousness or egotist characters there is no condemnation and casting. We keep the love! (Ranjozi 2020)

I honestly do not understand how or why I have come about such a group of people who believe in the awareness and acknowledgement of themselves as a part of everyone around them. There is not only mutual respect for self and others but also an active endeavor at establishing a culture that accommodates these believes of equality  oneness.

The most profound outcome of all this goodness is the connections established. Not monetary or physical really. Simply human connection. A shared understanding between friends or online acquaintances (now friends too). I weep at how vague the description is. It might all be in my ‘lovely’ imagination as well. We continue trying all the same.

I believe that connection is the saving grace for each and every one of us. I think you go to this church or at least know about it too. When becoming aware of a better existence I figured life can be perceived to be heavy with survival, strife, loneliness, depression and all these aspects that drown us repeatedly. A new day, a new struggle. Only now when I see myself, friends and young people in or coming out of these pits of draining exertions do I comprehend the importance of friends and people who intentionally shared and still share in friendship with me. I take none of it of granted. Most especially the stretched out hands.

Sharing in friendship is like a rainbow. It is the making and beholding of a rainbow. In its becoming a rainbow is conceived when the clouds and the sun and some little rain share in chance. Yet it never ends here, this beautiful happening graces us in our mundane lives. And we love rainbows! For their depiction of good times to come and simply because of how beautiful they look and the opportunity to see them. How they give hope and warmth to an otherwise regular day.

Friendships are like flowers. They grow anywhere they are planted for as long as they are tended. The beauty of it, as we all love, is in the appearance and nature flowers. And we love flowers. There’s too many of them to possibly not love or see. They blossom in time, with time.

And so I believe, that we are slowly coming about a better world –a better way of living. From the heavy darkness that blinds us from seeing others or self to a polite journey of rediscovery. From the slippery social constructs and uncertain mental chatter to a more peaceful awareness and wellness. From what is said to be important to what we believe is important to us for us. We are coming about a shared mindfulness that allows everyone to be heard and seen. Where everyone endeavors to see the other and to listen too.

In all this loneliness, business, self enhancement and pleasure alike, there is more content in connection. After all, it is our eternally innate yearning. Do not be afraid to share in friendship.

There is love here!
And flowers and rainbows.

Warm regards and gratitude to friends ( online and family) that have been and are still part of this almost Utopian experience of sharing with intention and mindfulness. I will and pray for goodness and love as you open up to more sincere sharing.

Mentions ; TLX network, Shiriki, Friends of Shiriki, Friends (Close and online) and family.
May this gratitude inspire you to share in love and friendship.

By Emmanuel Misiati Marumbu

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