Touch me tender, touch as you may
But I’m numb as I am pale
Out of feels, out of sight
Now everything tastes stale.
I exist in exile of myself
Like a man drowning in space
A crippling free fall in oblivion
Everything is loud in its silence
Too much motion yet a seizing stillness.
Have you ever lived within yourself?

Do you feel the sun shine anymore?
Breathing in the skin of the person you were
An empty hollowness that engulfs in its growth.
Now time feels like a trap
Days slipping through in seconds
yet the second hand remains unmoved-
A back and forward carousel moving on pause.
I see you friend, like a record on playback
Featuring in same days- an unending loop.
Do we chase dreams or run out of time?

Touch me now, touch me better
Your hands are as cold as your heart is low
I feel you drifting into a blankness
Caught between you and yourself.
When was your passing anniversary friend?


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