Dance pretty bird, Dance…
Twirl as though your bones worshipped your hips
Whirl pretty bird
Whirl slow and swift like the breeze caressing your skin
Swing masterly, swing jolly
Step like your feet carried a fierce empress
Jig until they are stunned, jig fickle, jig steadfast
Allure them with your smile, charm the dancefloor
Seize the moment as though time licked your palms
Waltz like never before, waltz like ever
as far as the music goes, flit and tap clever.
Dance because life is beautiful, because you are gorgeous
Move eternally for the music will stop at twilight
Sway because the tune touches your soul
Whine shrewd for the rhythm of life is mercurial
Dance with him and her, the floor gets cold at times
One step because you glow in the flash lights
Two step because a volcanic bliss sits in your gut.
For the lights will go off someday
And the silence will be louder than the music
No more floor, no more flow.
Dance pretty bird.
Dance like the music is at your mercy
Dance pretty bird, your dance is beautiful.


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