“…No strings attached would be said of them were they not obvious…”

I’ve been strapped in long on this motional coaster
After trading the E to Go for ego, not knowing what it cost her
Sitted spiralling, eyes tight against the currents of the wind
Maybe that’s what love goes through for it to be blind
It was a tale straight out of Disney albeit raw
A damsel under the stars in the sea of night, you know
So I tried slipping her glove on to half understand the wearer
When by my feet lay a right slipper left by a cinderella
No strings attached would be said of them were they not obvious
To a point my me then makes my me now somewhat envious
It was a perfect fit, and this I say as I had said
For since its genesis my thoughts remain unswayed
Now the wind ushers, filled with swoons unmistakeably mine
And sighs on how I made coarse something so fine
I’d be mad if you weren’t mad at me, cause I’m mad at me
Though all that had to be for something; it’s got to be
Standing across myself through the looking glass
I see a version of me within the confines of brass
A stranger with passing days, ostensively wiser, and woke
But in his stead a young, a dumb, a broke
Best to have a reflection of your madness look nothing like you
Better still on the right side of the mirror’s view
Where we are at, I honestly couldn’t tell
Yet I’d find words to scream at the wind and yell
I’m sorry I couldn’t find that side of you
Or maybe I did and just didn’t know, then I’m sorry for that too;
As I write this quarter past late, I try to make it long
But saying much might make most of it wrong
So let me leave it at this, as high as can be a low note
Just hoping you’ll get from it you were my G.O.A.T
Don’t worry about the future, it’ll sort itself out, remember?
Yes yes, I too look forward to seeing you there…


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