“…She comes alive on my jagged canvas
I’m drawn by her seamless grandeur…”

walk-wallpaper-11141925.jpgIn the white shadows I craft
She’ll be my master and I her piece
Thus, every brush stroke is huffed
Puffed by doting paints of thy heart
She comes alive on my jagged canvas
I’m drawn by her seamless grandeur-
Lives intertwined to die in the next breath
If only her benign gaze broke through
The contemporary haze so unadulterated
Falling she would but not for me.
With each morn she glows brightest
With each stare her splendor exemplifies
A touch here, an embrace there
Intense is the love everywhere
I marvel as if she’d go in a flash.
I clench on her scent
Seize her every sway
Rapture at her finery
As she pieces out her essence
And beckons for my illusory one
A reciprocation so dissimilar-
Inevitably star-crossed.
She’ll want to be taken
I wish to just but hold her
In finite elation
Begetting excited flames
Before the eventide is nigh
Before the color fades off
Before the paint gets faint
Before my wonder wanders.
Your love is to infinity and yonder
I would be the incessant romantic
Reciting sonnets in the sun
Singing your spirits to the moon
But am terminally erratic
Shackled by the moment herein
Willfully wiled by new charms
Alluring new intrigues alike
Painting pieces I haven’t before
Unable to love once.
Love but love me not
I am but an artist.


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