…She saw the shores on the horizon, far as ever like her expeditors closely were…

The bon voyage chorale
Loud voices in discerned harmony
Casting her on a titanic excursion:
Watch out for slaying torrents
Steer far waters of ravenous sharks
Fall not for sly creatures of this world
Impelling, they eagerly beat their chords
Blind to the raging tides in her eyes
Unaware of the unnerving dread she bottled
They cheerily thrust her solitary canoe
Swim away little one, the world awaits.
She saw the shores on the horizon
Far as ever like her expeditors closely were
Prodigal will be stamped on her face
Their expressions will butcher her soul
She’ll bleed more than she already had
They’ll piece out her hurting relics
East or west, home is not always best
Still, she paddled slow to her genesis.

Her feet dragged bare through the hot sand
Their silence pierced loudest
Their loathing gazes scraped at her wounds
Lips sealed, the chorus mutually mimed:
She ate the sweet forbiddens
Depraved our immaculate vessel-
Dishonor upon our seamless lands
Her roots are probably not here
They intoned in a surging crescendo
Gagging the sobs so loud in her tears
Muffling the shrieks of her deep wounds.

Her tears danced to the hymn of a lonesome heart-
You taught where not to hoof it
I knew not what doors to knock
The darkness was engulfing
I had no hand to hold
Just me myself and ripping fears
If only you walked with me
Now my façade is old and torn
Please have my back this once
My only pea.


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