…Simulation was his life until she made him real…

Such gaiety never donned a man’s face before
With her in his grasp his face was beyond feel
The curve of her lips carved bliss to his core
Simulation was his life until she made him real
The emotion in his veins burned with ire
Even his blood likened the color of adoration
She flamed and cooled him like a cold fire
He found his half in her simple complete affection
His soul felt whole with her, he made her sole
In slumber his eyes opened the more
Lest she translated into the girl in his dreams
He saw no blemish, a perfections galore
Her blush spectacular than a star’s gleams
His present was an inept past without her
He loved with his all
She’ll laugh whilst piecing him after
Thrill him to a cliff and let him fall
He saw the inevitable devastation yet
Leapt to her wind be carried where she may
Held faith loving is worth the hurt you get
Still loved in black and white aware he’ll turn gray.


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