Well, this is us, and this is it. Our pseudonym pretty much says it all (yes, our; a poet, writer and photographer). This is us trying to be heard, unminding of whatever we offer to be heard. Bear with us through this journey we embark on, advance tolerance where needed, and if our words reflect too much of our nature, feel free to tell us to stop. Not that we’ll listen, anyway… Retardation has depths inhabited by many but embraced by few. We are the few…

No honchos in blogging but rather devoted aficionados to the rhythm of well written ‘passages’, we were, and still are, tempted to venture deep into it. We hear you can earn ‘money’ though, from it. What ‘money’ they talk of, we wonder, as we don’t see it coming our way. Not with such a silly preamble, anyway. Ours is all about a passion of abyssal proportions.

This but a concise intro to the change we want to see by being the change itself: Adopted from Mahatma Gandhi (not in verbatim). From thence we are, The Regarded Retarded. From thence we are, NOT to be taken seriously. Too seriously, that is. Wish us Bon Voyage?

Expect more from less, and please subscribe to our posts.

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